Chris Ellul

The Heavy

Chris is the Drummer of The Heavy.

He began making music at 11 years old, under the influence of a family friend who played in Mod Revival bands in the early 80's. He learnt a few guitar chords, bought a 4-Track and started playing in bands and recording them immediately.

After realising there was 1 drummer for every 100 guitarists, he decided to get a cheap Drum kit for his 17th birthday and make himself indispensable.

"I never took any lessons. I joined my older brothers band, my kit was stripped of Toms and I was ordered not to play any fills. It was the best education I could have had. I began to listen to the subtleties of the drums, and players like Hal Blaine, Al Jackson, Levon Helme. And that's where my passion lies to this day, in simple, considerate drumming and understanding the difference between performing live and performing in a recording situation."

The Heavy are the only band to have received an encore on the legendary David Letterman Show for both their appearances. They have had their music featured in many films, TV Series and adverts including The Fighter, True Blood and Dallas Buyers Club. They are currently recording their 4th album.

Chris loves vintage drums, and uses several kits.

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