Deniz Güngör

Denolog/Teoman / Erdem Akakçe Band

Born and raised in İstanbul. TURKEY . He has been professionally involved in music since 1993 on stage and in studio performances, working together with numerous stars of the Turkey . His in-depth occupation in drumming has led to an invention: the ''tuneable Aquadrum”, the most recent member of melodic percussion family, rendering the liquid tone and floating quality in his music. His solo album “Love alla Turca” has been released in Europe in April 2010.
His compositions stream along blending performances of various instruments with those of Logdrum and Aquadrum , dedicated to the desire of a world without boundaries, free from being caught between forms and norms. This particular approach is finely reflected in the work-of-art that contrasts, combines or melts together aspects of the ancient and the contemporary, the primal and the sophisticated in a musical meta-language, embracing sounds from all the compass points: rhythms and sounds of the urban culture and the nature.
He endorses İstanbul Agop Cymbal company,Gretsch Drums and also an artist of Roland V drums.
He makes Playable kinder garden,adapts his instruments for orff education and disable and autistic childrens theraphies,gives workshops with his Aqua Drum.

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