Gökçe Gürçay


He was born in 1980 in Bursa, Turkey, started drums at the age of 13. He has always been after and part of the groups that prefer improvisation, and making their own unique music and compositions. He founded Traum and took part in Meskalin.
He started univesity in Eskişehir in 2000, became GEVENDE's drummers in 2002. Besides many national tours and concerts, he took stage in many international events like in UK (Pulse Festival), the Netherlands (Oerol Festival, Amst. Paradiso, MusicMeeting Festival), France (MIMI, Sur L'Plage, BabelMed), Corsica (Mezzo TV), Denmark, Portugal, Germany (Popkomm), Norway (Vigeland Museum, Sacred Music Fesitval 2013) and Istanbul International Jazz Festival with GEVENDE.
He also joined AYŞE TÜTÜNCÜ Piano Percussion Ensemble in 2007. He attended many local, national and international events and concerts like Jazzahead and Women in Jazz Festivals, as well as the album 'Yedi Yer Yedi Gök' (Seven Earth and Seven Skies) labeled by Blue Note in 2008.
He started training and conducting ZİLZURNA (rhythm group) that is founded by Semaver Kumpanya theater ensemble members in 2007. They succeeded to have workshops and concerts in 45 cities, including approximately 11.000 kids and youngsters all around the country till present day and continue their activities. He coreographed sound and movement of 'Hayde' scene in the movie 'Av Mevsimi', produced and directed by Yavuz Turgul.
He got interested in rhythm-dance and movement-music connections and relations; he took part in ÇIPLAK AYAKLAR KUMPANYASI (Barefeet company) performances starting from 2008.
He has been a member of many trios with Okan Kaya (Gevende – bass guitar), like Cihan Murtezaoğlu, Cenk Erdoğan, Bilal Karaman.
He met BODY PERCUSSION that combines music and dance in 2009. He became a member of KeKeÇa Body Percussion Ensemble, had performances and workshops in Portugal, Brasil, USA, Italy, Germany, France as well as all around in Turkey.
He started his solo show 'Kendimi Çalıyorum' in 2011 and the duet show 'Çift Kişilik İşler' (A couple of stuff) with Ayşe Akarsu in 2012.
He continues performances and workshops with GEVENDE, KeKeÇa and ZİLZURNA.
The special occations in his music life involves: Stage performance with Hermeto Pascoal (2013), studio jam session with Marcus Miller (2012), stage improvisation with Bobby Mcferrin (2012), workshop with Trilok Gurtu (2010), studio recording with Eivind Aarset (2011), projects with Tobias Klein and Damien Cluzel (2008-2011), France and Turkey tour with the soundpainting orchestra Balbazar from Paris (2009-2010), Paris prison concerts with Whities (2013), Oslo Vigeland Museum concert with Gevende (2013), Iran-Pakistan- India-Nepal travel with Gevende (2006), International Body Music Festivals (from 2009 to 2013) and creative times spent at the Çıplak Ayaklar Studio...

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