Richard Hsieh

Dark Feather / Desconocido

Richard Hsieh is a professional Taiwanese drummer who was born in 1982. His passion for drums first began in 1996, then he joined a band as a drummer in 1998. Currently, Richard Hsieh is a matured drummer whose music style features rock and metal, yet he is also dedicated to jazz music and join a jazz band recently.
To explore a broader range of artistic expression and reach more audiences, Richard Hsieh has developed expertise in playing percussion instruments and has participated in various percussion groups. With such a rich background, the audiences would enjoy a wide range of world musical styles from his performances.
He has been an active drummer participating in many music festivals and various performances. Richard Hsieh is also an enthusiastic full-time drum teacher. He provides high-quality courses and has successfully educated many students to become drummers. His students have received many awards and play drums in many bands.

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