Terence Clark

Studio || Independent || Keith Urban

Born and raised in Memphis, TN., Terence F. Clark is a rhythm guru, producer and groove maker. He started playing drums at the age of 2 and over the years has developed the ability to be a musical chameleon. Terence is the kind of drummer that knows how to rock, vibe, swing, play a solo then relax into a minimalistic drum part all in the same set. The daily mantra he lives by is, "Just make if feel good!". He's not just a drummer, he's also musical.

Terence's favorite set-up for most shows:
15" OM Hi Hats
16" 30th Anniversary Hats
20" OM Crash
21" Fusion Ride
22" Xist Power Crash
24" Joey Waronker

Istanbul Agop XIST Ion Crash XIST Xist ION Crash
The symmetrically placed geometric holes...
Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary Hi Hats 30th Anniversary 30th Anniversary Hi Hat
Paper thin. Low pitched and quiet.
Istanbul Agop XIST Crash XIST Xist Crash
Xist Crashes have a papery attack, and a...
Istanbul Agop Joey Waronker Ride Cymbal 24" Joey Waronker Signature Joey Waronker Signature Ride
Designed to stand out both in the studio...
Istanbul Agop Traditional Medium Crash Traditional Traditional Medium Crash
Versatile and full sounding crash, with...
Istanbul Agop Traditional Dark Hi Hats Traditional Traditional Dark Hi-Hats
The thinnest of the Traditional Series H...
Istanbul Agop Mel Lewis Ride 20 Mel Lewis Signature Mel Lewis 1982 Ride
A full sounding ride with warm, lush was...
Istanbul Agop OM Hi Hat Pair OM Signature OM Hi-Hats
Low, dark and sloshy, with a clear chick...