Tommy Wagner


Tommy Wagner is touring and recording member of german punkrock-legends LustfingeR, Classic Heavy Metal band Michael Schinkel's ETERNAL FLAME, and is working as independent live and studio drummer.

Tommy was born in Munich, Germany and started playing drums at the age of 11. Influenced by late 70s/early 80s hard rock he studied Dante Agostini's Drumming School and started playing with local bands. His hard-driving style soon got him high profile gigs for international acts like Bonfire (GER) and Glass Tiger (CAN) in the late 80s, which set the course for Tommy's ongoing reputation as one of the hardest hitters around.
In addition to playing drums Tommy released a couple of albums of his own music in the 90s and 00s as a singer and songwriter, touring as support for Gary Moore, Leningrad Cowboys and others.

The drums remain Tommy's big love. In recent years they led him across Australia, New Zealand and England on tour with Cherie Currie (voice of The Runaways/USA), joined by rock-icon Suzi Quatro for a live recording of her London show. Presently Tommy keeps touring and recording with LustfingeR and ETERNAL FLAME, and performs in major theaters across Germany with TOMMY WHO! (The Who tribute show).

Latest releases:
LustfingeR "LustfingeR"
Michael Schinkel's ETERNAL FLAME "Gravitation"
Cherie Currie "Midnight Music in London" (live)

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