Zak St.John


Born: Green Bay, WI
Lives: Burbank-Adjacent, CA
Favorite Color: Green
Nickname: St. Jizzle Sizzle
Favorite Food: Spaghetti and Meatballs
Favorite band: Led Zeppelin
Biggest Addiction: Purell Hand Sanitizer
Favorite drink: Jameson
Secret bank code: 18499381-5

Current Set-Up
15" Traditional Med. Hi-Hats
22" Xist Brilliant Crash
24" Xist Brilliant Ride or 24" Joey Waronker Ride
20" Xist Brilliant Crash
21" Mel Lewis Ride w/ rivets
20" Traditional China

Istanbul Agop Joey Waronker Ride Cymbal 24" Joey Waronker Signature Joey Waronker Signature Ride
Designed to stand out both in the studio...
Istanbul Agop Mel Lewis Ride 21 Mel Lewis Signature Mel Lewis Ride
Dark and warm buttery, with a woody stic...
Istanbul Agop Traditional Medium Hi Hats Traditional Traditional Medium Hi-Hats
Full bodied sticking soft and warm quali...