Francisco Alduncin


Francisco Alduncin is an argentinian drummer born on the 25th of november 1994 in Macachin - La Pampa. He began playing drums at 5 and was self-taught until he was 13, the age at which he moved to the City of Buenos Aires to begin his formal training by studying under great national and international teachers , such as Oscar Giunta, Pipi Piazzolla, Sebastian Hoyos He also has studied with international drummers such as Thomas Pridgen and Taron Lockett.

Besides taking drum lessons with these great teachers, he also had academic studies in prestigious institutions such as the “Conservatorio Nacional Manuel de Falla” and “EMC” Escuela de música contemporanea”

Since his 19th years old to his present, he toured and recorded with national and international artists such as Nathy Peluso/ Ca7riel / Paco Amoroso / Soy Luna (Diney) /Tini / Duki / Nicki Nicole/ Neo Pistea / Seven Kayne / Bhavi / Ruggero Pasquarelli / Emme / Sol Liebeskind / Karol Sevilla / Julia Agra / Fabro / Emmanuel Horvilleur / Rayos Laser / Terrance Kennedy / Pedro Aznar / El Zar / Wos / Josefina Silveyra / Dakillah / Mya / Taichu / Axel Fiks / Afromama jams / Paulina Rubio / Lula Miranda / And many more artists.

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