Mike Webber


Growing up as the son of a music teacher, Webber was always destined for a career in music. Pairing his natural gifting with a patient diligence to his craft, he excelled in concert band, jazz band and classical orchestra right throughout high school.
Soon after leaving school and moving to Melbourne, Webber became the driving force behind worship band Planetshakers. He would remain there for the next 15 years, playing on 20+ albums and touring the world playing concerts and conferences to hundreds of thousands of people.
A change of pace followed when he took a year off to study in California (where his love for Agop cymbals began), before returning to Australia and joining the Hillsong worship team in Melbourne.
He is also a first call session drummer and live gig musician around the Melbourne scene, and is an influencer to many worship drummers around the world.

“I’ve played a few different cymbals over the years, but when I heard (David Whitworth’s) Agops for the first time, I knew that was what I needed to be playing!”

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