Nea Forslund


Born in Stockholm Sweden 2002. Started playing the drums at the age 5. Genres funk, fusion, rock, pop. Participated in Swedish Got Talent when she was 11 years old, and also in 2017 in the finals. Started a TOTO tribute band at age 11 with grownups and played at festivals in Sweden. Performed as a guest drummer with the legendary former guitarist of Scorpions Uli Jon Roth 2014 in Copenhagen and in Sweden 2016. Participant in a new Swedish entertainment program 2021. Received a cultural scholarship for artistry 2021. Released debut single ”Jack you Up” first song of the EP with her band HEIR 2021. Currently working on a studio fusion/rock project to be released this year.

Istanbul Agop Turk Hi Hats Custom Turk/Turk Jazz Turk Hi-Hats
Dark and dry. Tighter and more focused w...
Istanbul Agop Turk Ride Custom Turk/Turk Jazz Turk Ride
Solid, dry sticking with a raw bell. Min...
Istanbul Agop Traditional Medium Crash Traditional Traditional Medium Crash
Versatile and full sounding crash, with...
Istanbul Agop Traditional Dark Ride Traditional Traditional Dark Ride
Warm stick responses, with a darker wash...