Sólrún Mjöll Kjartansdóttir


Sólrún Mjöll is Reykjavík based drummer from Iceland. With both parents being musicians she grew up in a vibrant musical environment and started playing drums at a young age. She began playing professionally by the age of 16 when she recorded an album with Iceland’s most respectable singer and songwriter Bubbi Morthens. She completed the advanced level exam on drum set and music theory in the jazz department from Reykjavík College of Music and has been a drum educator since 2017.
Sólrún combined the college studies with her love of music, performing, touring and recording with various artists, including the 2x award winning band FLOTT, award winning musician gugusar and award nominated band Ceasetone. She has performed with numerous musicians on national TV and was in the house band on celebrity talk show Glaumbær aired in 2022.
Sólrún is heavily inspired by experimental electronic music and has accordingly gained a reputation for her creative playing and textual sounds.
Sólrún has performed and/or recorded with the following bands and artists:
Una Torfa
Ragga Gísla
RAKEL, Salóme and ZAAR
Bubbi Morthens
Páll Óskar
Sigga Beinteins
Una Stef

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