David Bao


David Bao is a drummer based in Madrid, Spain who plays and mixes many genres. From combining deep experimental jazz and flamenco in Jorge Pardo’s “Djinn”, to the upbeat funk and rock of O’funkillo. David is called upon for his groove, quickness to grasp new ideas and ability to bring depth to more consolidated genres. Both live and in studio sessions, he has managed to bring light and weight to great artists from both the Spanish and international scene.

30th Anniversary 30th Anniversary Hi Hat
Paper thin. Low pitched and quiet.
Istanbul Agop Agop Signature Crash Agop Signature Agop Signature Crash
Paper thin, dark, dry and low pitched.
Istanbul Agop Agop Signature Ride Agop Signature Agop Signature Ride
Dry stick definition with warm and compl...
Istanbul Agop Traditional Thin Crash Traditional Traditional Thin Crash
Responds quickly. Low and dark character...
Istanbul Agop Clap Stack Set Clap Stack Signature Clap Stack
Designed with Trevor Lawrence Jr, the Is...
Istanbul Agop XIST Ion Crash XIST Xist ION Crash
The symmetrically placed geometric holes...
Istanbul Agop XIST Splash XIST Xist Splash
Xist Splashes are quick and direct respo...