Gaël Féret


Born on the 8th November 1980 in Nice, France.
Starts playing drums at the age of 6. Gaël leaves the south of France to study drums during one year at the Music Academy International in Nancy from 2000 to 2001. He obtains his graduation as major of his class.

Joins Misanthrope in 2001 and records 5 albums and 2 DVDs. The band tours actively in France, Germany, Spain, England, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Belgium and plays at major festivals such as the Hellfest (France) in 2008 and 2013, Brutal Assault in Czech Republik (2007 and 2013) and the Summer Breeze in Germany (2008 and 2013). The 10th album of the band is scheduled for the first quarter of the year 2015 and Misanthrope will be touring as much as possible to promote this new opus of Extreme Metal.

Gaël has played with Patrick Rondat during a tour with one of his previous bands, Triple FX, and for the occasion, Gaël plays the drums for both bands. He’s still playing with Patrick Rondat for occasional shows and clinics as a session drummer.

Gaël has joined Octavion and recorded two albums with the band. Octavion has played with famous bands such as Decapitated, Dew Scented, Samael… They already started to compose new songs for the third album.

Gaël has joined the Opera Metal band Melted Space for live sessions. The band has already recorded three albums (the third one is scheduled for year 2015) and presents many collaborations with renowned singers such as Liv Kristine (Leave’s Eyes) or Ashmedi (Melechesh).

Numerous studio sessions with artists like Pascal Mulot, Mylidian, Balrog, Korum and Argile. Live sessions with Lyzanxia (US & Canadian tour), Mortuary, Headline, Tawn, Patrick Rondat, Melted Space…

Gaël is also teaching drums at the Music Academy International since 2003, collaborates with Batteur Magazine and has performed clinics on festivals that featured drummers such as Gavin Harrison, Billy Cobham, Dom Famularo, Christian Vander…

In 2015, Gaël has played with Argile in Hellfest and has just recorded the new Misanthrope album which will be available in 2017. Misanthrope is still actively touring.

Octavion is actually working on his third album which will be an aggressive mix of Industrial Metal and modern electronic music.

Some clinics are also scheduled for the year 2016.

Misanthrope : “ The Holy Bible Vol.4 “ Compilation Holy Records 2002
Argile : “The Holy Bible Vol.4” Compilation Holy Records 2002
Misanthrope : “Sadistic Sex Daemon” Holy Records 2003
Misanthrope : “Misanthro-Thérapie” Holy Records 2004
Misanthrope : “Slaughterous Souls- A Tribute To At The Gates” Drowned Scream Records 2004
Triple FX : “Extremely Instrumental” Self-released 2004
Headline : “Blackmore’s Castle Vol.II” Lion Music 2005
Misanthrope : “Holy Party DVD” Holy Records 2005
Misanthrope : “Metal Hurlant” Holy Records 2005
Balrog : “Bestial Satanic Terror” Holy Records 2006
Mylidian : “The Birth Of The Prophet” Anvil Corp. 2006
Korum : “Ockham’s Razor” Sekhmet Records 2006
Triple FX : “Extremely Instrumental” Acropole Records 2006
Triple FX : "The Alchemists Vol. II" Guitar Nine Records 2007
Misanthrope : "IrremeDIABLE" Holy Records 2008
Triple FX : "II" Multicom City 2008
Octavion : "Corp." Self-released 2008
Misanthrope : "French Metal 6-Dans La Fosse Aux Lions" 2008
Octavion : "French Metal 7-Retour De Flammes" 2008
Pascal Mulot : "Tsar Bomba" Bernett Records 2009
Argile : "Monumental Monolith" 2010
Pulsasons : “2” 2010
Triple FX : “Minuit Sur Les Toits” November 2011
Misanthrope : “Aenigma Mystica” 2013
Octavion : “The Golden Ratio” 2013
Triple FX : “Onde de Choc” 2016

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