Frank Wang

Escape Plan

Since 2011, Wang has been a sought-after drummer, recording, producing, and touring with some of China's most legendary artists. This impressive list includes Tan Weiwei, Han Hong, Zheng Jun, Li Yuchun, Houxian, Shuang Zi, Chen Weilun, Dai Yuqiang, Mo Hualun, Wei Song, Xu Jun, Hua Grui, Xiaoyue boss, He Yihang, and Yang Jiasong.
A Passion Ignited
Wang's passion for music began early. At the age of five, he embarked on his musical journey by learning drums, including classical snare drum and various percussion instruments.
Career Milestones
• 2014: Recorded the drum part for singer Tan Weiwei and participated in the program "The Most Beautiful Harmony" on Beijing Satellite TV.
• 2015: Recorded the closing theme "A Light in the Dark Night" for the Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Film Festival.
• 2016: Invited to participate in the global concert tour "Oriental Voice" with the China Oriental Song and Dance Troupe, performing as the drummer for the Grand Orchestral Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra for nearly 50 shows.
• 2017:
- Represented Chinese culture at the 10th International Heart Music and Singing Festival in Cairo, Egypt, performing with the Seesaw Jazz Orchestra for 6 shows.
- Played drums for the house band in the Golden Hall of the Great Hall of the People during the Serbian President's visit to China.
• 2018: Joined the "Three Tenors of China" as their drummer at the Beizhen Theatre.
• 2019: Found success with Escape Plan, participating in "Singer," China's most well-known singing reality show.
Escape Plan: A Collaborative Force
• 2021:
- Released the single EP "Nothing beats like a heart" with Escape Plan and American electronic band "The Midnight" (available worldwide on Spotify and Apple Music).
- Composed "Looking for the Future in the Past" for Tencent Games' "PUBG" with Escape Plan.
- Released Escape Plan's new album "Back to the Ocean" (available on Spotify and Apple Music).
• 2022:
Nominated by TME for "The Best Band of the Year" with Escape Plan.
• 2023:
- Composed the opening song for the Asian Games held in China.
- Escape Plan's "Dream of You" tour continues, exceeding 40 shows as of September 2023.

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