Jianghao Long

Independent / Session

Jianghao Long is a contemporary drumming powerhouse in China, influencing millions of fans with his electrifying technique and discerning musical taste.

His drumming journey began at the tender age of 2, under the tutelage of his father. He later honed his skills at the prestigious Beijing Contemporary Music Academy, where he studied with renowned drummers Izumi Koga and Xing Gao. Upon graduation, Jianghao returned to his alma mater as an instructor, nurturing a new generation of drumming champions.

A sought-after collaborator, Jianghao has shared the stage with China's most celebrated musicians and artists. His drumming prowess has graced the recordings of chart-topping hits like "Composer," "Let Me Throw a Little Wild in the Snow," and "Twenty Thirty."

Beyond the studio, Jianghao brings his energy to life on national television, participating in various music shows. He is also a respected judge at percussion competitions across China.


- Live drummer for A-list artists like Nan Sun, Ronghao Li, Kewei Yu, Bichen Zhang, Parhati, Buyi Mao, Leah Dou, Wei Xu, Quan Li, Huan Liu, and Yijia Tu.
- Drummer for prestigious events like the CCTV Lantern Festival Gala, Strawberry Music Festival, and Wei Xu's Blue Band.
- Recording and touring drummer with top producers and singers.
- Judge at national percussion competitions.

- Roland Electronic Drums
- Tama Drums
- Promark Drumsticks
- Evans Drumheads
- Istanbul Agop Cymbals