30th Anniversary
A true expression of the most ancient form of Turkish cymbal making. Each 30th Anniversary Series Cymbal begins with its own uniquely hand shaped bell, followed by intense, deep, comprehensive hammering and is finished with our own unique pre-aging process.
Istanbul Agop Traditional Cymbal Set Traditional
Where it all began. Traditional Series Cymbals are completely lathed on top and bottom, producing rich, and warm overtones and a highly musical presence. They are available in weights ranging from paper-thin to heavy, offering a wide array of choices to complement any style of music.
Istanbul Agop Agop Signature Hi Hats Agop Signature
The final creation of our company's founder, Agop Tomurcuk. Posthumously completed from a personal notebook informed by decades of experience making cymbals for many of the worlds most acclaimed jazz drummers.
Istanbul Agop Mel Lewis Hi Hats 13 Mel Lewis Signature
Designed in collaboration with legendary drummer, Mel Lewis. Our first artist.
Istanbul Agop Clap Stack Set Clap Stack Signature
Designed with Trevor Lawrence Jr, the Istanbul Agop Clap Stack is a uniquely shaped and tempered combination of cymbals designed as tactile instrument which authentically recreates hand clap sample sounds.
Istanbul Agop 20 Sterling Ride Sterling Signature
A pairing of crash / ride cymbals designed with acclaimed studio drummer Aaron Sterling.
Istanbul Agop OM Hi Hat Pair OM Signature
A selection of cymbals designed with drummer Cindy Blackman Santana with an ear toward the most highly sought after classic jazz cymbal sounds which are equally at home in modern rock and pop settings.
Istanbul Agop Mantra 15" Hi Hats Mantra Signature
Developed with Cindy Blackman Santana to yield greater projection for louder music, yet retaining the rich musicality of the Om series.
Istanbul Agop Epoch Hi Hats Epoch Signature
Epoch series cymbals were created with pioneering drummer Lenny White to capture the best of classic era jazz and jazz rock cymbal sounds.
Istanbul Agop 22 Idris Muhammad Ride Idris Muhammad Signature
A cymbal designed in collaboration with master drummer Idris Muhammad to reflect his distinctive musicality.
Istanbul Agop Joey Waronker Hi Hats Pair Joey Waronker Signature
Signature cymbals created in collaboration with acclaimed studio and touring drummer Joey Waronker.
Istanbul Agop Turk Bell Custom Turk/Turk Jazz
Comprehensive hammering without lathing. Turk cymbals are dry, dark and complex.
Istanbul Agop Sultan Set Custom Sultan/Sultan Jazz
A partially unlathed portion of the playing surface along with an unlathed bell combine to create a more controlled and slightly darker sound compared to Traditional models.
Istanbul Agop Special Edition Hi Hats Custom Special Edition
Deeper, wider lathing combine with with weights and profiles more oriented toward Jazz and Fusion but these classic sounding cymbals are quite at home in most styles of music.
MS-X series are the ultimate beginner-student cymbals with a highly affordable price tag. The sonic qualities of brass and world famous Istanbul Agop craftmanship makes these cymbals suitable for all musical styles and volume settings. MS-X cymbals will be your stepping stone to success.
ART series are highly versatile. They offer professional sound, look and quality at an affordable price. ART cymbals are suitable for the drummers of all levels who wants to add the power of B8 bronze into their set-up.
Band & Orchestra
Our Bronze’s sonic qualities and our world-famous craftsmanship make these cymbals the perfect choice for all percussionists who are seeking warmth, volume, richness and purity in their cymbals.